Vine Curled Larger Diameter(2"-2.5") "Blank" Sticks 38"- 48" (Shopify)

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Vine Curled Larger Diameter "Blank" Sticks are approximately 2"-2.5"  in diameter at the top of the stick and 40"- 48" in length.

Sticks have larger diameter over the curls.

These vine curled larger diameter sticks should work well for carving as they are already seasoned.

Would work well for furniture or stair banisters.

Some sticks have bark on, some have bark off.

Vine curled sticks are rare and difficult to locate in the thickest parts of the forest.

Sticks are harvested in winter and are completely natural with no preservatives or insecticides.

The sticks dry for approximately one year in the barn loft.

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